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He was portrayed as a victim. The PGA Tour has something ugly staring right at it, something it would rather not face, not admit and certainly not handle.

He looks fans in the eye and smiles. But now the five-time jeopardy online slot casinos winner is offering details. That idea opens the door to manipulation, tempting players to miss a putt or shank a gambling mickelson phil problem, said Lia Nower, co-director of the Center for Gambling Studies at Rutgers University. Heck, one of the gabmling all time stories is a book called The Match in which Ken Venturi, Ben Hogan and Bryon Nelson partake in a match with huge money resting on the outcome from outsiders. Unlike other professional sports leagues, the tour's policy is to not to comment whether gamblong are disciplined. The young Australian phenom told the Sydney Morning Herald that he birdied six of the last seven holes and beat Mickelson.

The PGA Tour player guidelines have a section on "Conduct of players related to gambling." It states that PGA Tour players shall not: "Associate. Phil Mickelson's name has once again surfaced in the federal insider-trading case involving professional gambler Billy Walters. It is no secret that Phil Mickelson is a big gambler. Earlier this week, Paul Azinger sat down with PGA Tour Radio and explained just how good Phil is.

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